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The four pictures were placed on our communion table, one per week, with an explanatory card

“I must wait”

From ‘The Absence’ by R S Thomas

“It is a room I enter from which someone has gone, the vestibule for the arrival of one who has not yet come’

“The Girl and The Angel are met” from “The Annunciation”
by  Edwin Muir

‘Each reflects the other’s face till heaven in hers and earth in his shine steady there’

“Let in Your Child”
from ‘Let in your child tonight’
by Kathleen Raine

Let in the wound
Let in the pain
Let in your child tonight’

“Glorious yet contracted Light”
from ‘Christmas’ by George Herbert

O thou, whose glorious yet contracted light. Wrapt in night’s mantle, stole into a manger; since my dark soul and brutish is thy right, to man of all beats, be not thou a stranger’