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I was asked to be part of a group of 15 artists creating a ‘Station of the Cross’ to be displayed in Derby Cathedral during Lent and Easter 2015.

My station is no 4 ‘Jesus Meets His Mother’

I have done it as a triptych, a traditional way of telling a story in 3 parts

This is how it displays

Mary watches Jesus struggling up the Golgotha Hill

“Oh, son;  Why, Why with all your potential, your gifts and abilities did you have to take it to this extreme and end up with the horror of death on a cross.  Why didn’t you ever think about the effect this will have on us - your family, friends and followers?”

Jesus, “Mother I AM thinking of you all; it is for each beloved one that I have to die in this way.  This IS my potential which I now fulfil.  This is Father God’s plan from the beginning of time so that everyone who believes in me can have eternal life; be welcomed into His family and kingdom.  My death is not the end of everything but the beginning of everything new.”

Mary, “Son - go then and do what you were sent to do.  So be it; I return you into the hands of God your Father for His resolution - I give you my pain and my blessing”