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Open Studios  2020

Sheffield OpenUp

Derbyshire Open Arts

Were to have been in our community pub/cafe The Angler’s Rest

large meditational work in St John’s Church down the road

Since space in Blackberry Barn is now very limited, I’m taking over the display areas in our local community pub/cafe as part of their regular art exhibitions.  I shall be on site for the actual Open Studio dates but you can come into the Anglers any time during May to see my work - and if you want to buy anything, the cafe staff will happily take your money!
If you can’t make it during official days and particularly want to see me, then phone or email and we can fix up something

And - there’s also more of my larger meditational pieces in St John’s Parish Church, also open all day

Examples of work that might have been on show

This triptych
“Towards the Light”
will probably be displayed in church

And other work as well

Both events have had to be cancelled