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St Pancras

We camped in Provence at ‘Camping Cezanne’ which is on the side of Mt St Victoire - actually a long ridge - near the village of Puyloubier.  Cazanne painted mainly the end view of the ridge, which looks like a mountain

The view from the campsite, looking out over the plain, across the vineyards

Looking back form the plain to the St Victoire ridge

There’s a beautiful old church in the middle of the vines, it’s dedicated to
St Pancras

Provencal Iris

Provence is famous for Rose wines; the Puyloubier co-operative is well worth a stop for white and red as well.

You may know of Provencal lavender; none out when we were there but loads of iris glowing in the sunlight

Provencal Plain Provencal Plain St Pancras 2

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