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Watercolour and chalks on paper
h194cm by w87cm           £300
We live near the Derwent Dams, where the WWII Dam Busters practised before attacking the Mohne and other dams in Germany’s industrial centre in 1944.
In 1994 it was the 50th anniversay of the raid and our then rector invited the pastor of the churches in the Mohne area to bring a group to Derbyshire as a symbolic act of reconciliation.  This visit led to an annual exchange between Bamford and Mohne.
We visited the area in 2003 and 2008 and found the experience very moving - the Mohne Dam is scarily similar to our Derwent Dam and you can still see the outline of where the dam was breached and repaired.  
I produced the painting showing Christ in pain over the dam and its destruction.