These works usually come from listening to music, reading poetry or prose.
They are often a long time in gestation before I touch the canvas and then can take a long time to emerge, a proess of back and forth communication.



From the story of the prodigal son, told by Jesus and recorded in Luke’s gospel chapter 15.  When, at last , the prodgial returns his welcome by his father is overwhelming


Glorious yet contracted light

A baby held in the hand, expressing the glory of incarnation



Trinity Sunday marks the complexity and completeness of our God, 3 persons yet 1.  Relational and completel. 
The Trinity service included The Athanasian Creed -  a very full historic statement of what Christians understand by ‘God” - Father, Son and Spirit.  I was moved to paint! It is a triptych, 3 parts yet 1 expression.


St Hilda looks towards Whitby

Being from the North East of England the life of Hilda is important to me. I painted a series of pictures depiciting her life and calling to be Abbess of Whitby; here she is looking from her orginal base in Hartlepool towards the east cliff of Whitby where her abbey was situated.

Fall%20 %20TavenerResurrection%20 %20Tavener

I’ve always found John Tavener’s music deep and thoughtful.
This pair of paintings inspired by his music are called
They can stand alone or together vertically as here

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