Before painting a landscape, I walk, sit, immerse for long periods to get the feel of the geology and the creative energy wihtin it
3 of these landscapes are from our area of Derbyshire’s High Peak and 1 from the N York Moors where I spent my early years



Known as the ‘shivering mountain', Mam Tor lies on the fault line between the limestone of the White Peak and the gritstone of the Dark Peak. In the 1970s during a fierce rainstorm the land slipped, fracturing the road so badly that the council decided agaist repairing it yet again.  

Frost ShattonMoor

Frost on Shatton Moor

I look over towards here from my studio and enjoy the white frosting on the side of the moor.  When we have snow, there’s a clear snow line halfway up the hillside


View from Shatton Mast

Shatton Mast gives us our freeview TV!  Up here it's usually a bit wild and windy with lots of weather circling around.  The track up to the mast is well worn


Ploughed Field North Yorkshire

On the coast between Staithes and Whitby with the sea in the distance.  I took to using a diamond shape almost accidentally and found it gave a much greater sense of wide horizons

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