Self Portrait


I live and work in N Derbyshire where the Dark Peak of millstone grit edges, moors and reservoirs meets the White Peak of limestone gorges, caverns and stone walled pastures. When painting landscape, I work outside as much as possible carrying in my rucsac a variety of art materials to suit different situations. Whilst working I become as one with the environment, grounded on rock and imbued with wind and weather creating dynamic paintings which contain change and movement.
Currently, though, I’m often indoors working on meditational works, inspired by poems or music; these become more abstract as I am carried along by the Holy Spirit, the breath of God


Left:Drop your heart into a pool of wonder

Right: We too are shining born

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Now postponed till 
September 17 and 18


With Peak District Artisans

Jenny Mather    Blackberry Barn Studio, Main Road, Bamford, Hope Valley, S33 0AY
01433 651795