Around the World

We have friends across the world and have visited some of their countries,always painting and sketching


St Martin Le Clelles

A village in the Rhone Alps south of Grenoble


Perres Guirec

In between visiting 2 sets of friends in France, we camped on the Brittany Coast.  A diamond shape to enhance the horizon


Forest memories

Friends we worked with in Nigeria now live in Dearborn, Michigan; near them is a wetland reserve with wonderful trees growing out of the vibrant green woodland floor


Belle Vue Mountain

Our campsite in Waterton National Park, Alberta near the Canada/USA border looked out across a river and a road towards this mountain.  The first thing we saw as we emerged from the tent each morning. 


Soest - Germany, near the Mohne Dam

The Mohne was one of the dams breached in 1943 by the ‘DamBusters’ - who practised on the dams near Bamford.  In 1993 a church exchange was organised between us and the churches in the Mohne area and for many years there was an annual exchange visit. The local city, Soest  was part of the Hanseatic Trading League and also (I think) lies on one of the Compostella pilgrimage routes.  I was fascinated by the colourul medieaval architecture and the complementing vibrant colours of the open air market in the main square


A Sri Lankan Girl at Bentota beach

Near Colombo, where we were staying, is the seaside resort of Bentota.  I was fascinated by this girl just standing watching the enormous rolling waves pounding in across the sand

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