Who I Am

I’ve always had a strong sense of identity with landscape from my roots in NE Yorkshire. I studied at the Slade school of Fine Art and then taught in Nigeria for ten years. On return to UK, I taught in Sheffield and then trained as an Art therapist, gaining an MA in Art and Psychotherapy at Sheffield University.
I worked at Sheffield Family Service Unit for 5 years and am now self employed working in my studio at Blackberry Barn, Bamford, as an artist/tutor/therapist. When painting my approach is very similar to the way in which I work as a Therapist. I seek to encounter each situation, person or landscape with anticipation and respect, then I work alongside in a process of reflection and interpretation, re-creating their story in the tangible substance of paint, encouraging the essence of their being to emerge, whilst I act as midwife.
As a Christian, I’m very conscious of the ongoing creative process between self and creation and Creator through the reconciliation which Christ offers in the dynamic work of the Spirit. When painting I search for meeting points, for interactions between elements, structures and emotions, it is at that deep touching place where new energy and new possibilities are created. The spaces in between the action allow respite for reflection and reverie “Be still and know...”

Currently I’m not doing any therapy work, concentrating instead on painting, expressive landscape and reflective work growing out of poetry and music, My starting point is always to immerse myself in the subject: walking the physical ground and letting it speak to me; reflecting/meditating on a poem or music for a long time.  This process can take from weeks to months before I am ready to paint.

Jenny Mather M.A. (Art and Psychotherapy)
D.F.A. (Diploma in Fine Art - Slade School London)
A.T.C. (Art Teacher’s Certificate)
A.Th. (Art Therapist)


An aerial view of the River Derwent flowing past Chatsworth House, painted after many days walking the ground and looking at old maps in the Chatsworth archives to see how the landscape had altered over the centuries 

Jenny Mather    Blackberry Barn Studio, Main Road, Bamford, Hope Valley, S33 0AY
01433 651795     jenny@jennymather.co.uk